Wednesday, December 8, 2010

9 Weeks

My eyes are changing
I am a little fearful of things
Mom says I look a little 
more like a dog cuz
my snout is growing

I'm a fashion plate

I love to play w my big ball

I like to help Mom w the laundry

I love to play outside
even though it is very cold

making a snowman
Dad made a snowball
and I chased it
guess what it got bigger!

Mom says I'm not going to fit
 under this table 

or chair 
for very long
I don't believe her

Mom couldn't figure out 
why I liked this table 
til she laid down
 and felt the heat coming out 
from under the table

see me

Time for another nap...
I love sleeping on my back...


  1. oh, You are so beautiful! Keep warm!

  2. Isabella, you are too cute! For such a young girl, you sure do know how to do so much! I wish you could come over here and help me with the laundry and with Christmas tree decorating!
    Tell your mom, please, that I have featured your blog on my blog today because you are one of our 3 newest furends! But I forgot to ask your mom for a picture to post along with it. Oh well, you'll meet new furends today anyway!