Sunday, December 26, 2010

12 weeks - 3 Months!

I've grown a lot taller this week
which lets me get into
 a whole new level of trouble

Dad figured out that I LOVE
ice cubes.....

I'm a lot more vocal 
I like to hear myself bark
I also like to grumble
 back when the tell me to be quiet

I realized that my parents
 eat different food
and Mom and Dad
 aren't happy abt me 
watching them eat
(these ppl have no humor)

I also have learned I can JUMP
I like standing on the couch
my parents don't like it at all
and I like to jump on ppl too

I rather sleep at night in my kennel
than on the bed 
and I now can sleep 4-5 hrs 
straight w/o going out
Boy is Mom happy abt that

I have become a comfort puppy
I really like momma's
velvet pillow

I love my stuff pup Santa gave me

I have a job!

I bring in the paper every morning
sometimes my Dad
 forgets I have to go to work 
so I pester  bark
 until he lets me do it

1 comment:

  1. Sweet Isabella!!! You're such a good doggie getting the paper for your dad!! Enjoy your wonderful christmas pressies! Take care