Tuesday, December 21, 2010

11 weeks

This week has been an interesting one
I now weigh 18.4lbs

I like laying around 

even on Moms boots when she is cooking
no I was NOT chewing on them

I got my second set of shots
and a new one
Mom took me home and 
my face started to swell like a hippo
so she took me back and I got 2 more
icky shots!
but then I got to stay w/ Dr Matt
and the office staff loved on me for 2 hrs!

I am learning how to speak
with hand and verbal signs

I'm doing pretty good with sitting
on command

I love fighting with my Dad

I actually barked to go out!
my people were really happy!

I tried to mouth off to Mom
which didn't go so well for me
she has no humor....

I love chillin with Dad

1 comment:

  1. Hello there gorgeous Isabella!! Me and Charlie think you are a sweetie and very good little pup to weigh 18.4 lbs!! Yay!! We're sorry to hear you had to visit the vets for shots but we hope that you are ok now!!

    We think you look ever so comfy resting on your dad's feet!! Sweet dreams!! Take care