Sunday, January 30, 2011

What a week..#17..

I went and got my last 
set of DAPP shots
and kennel cough

I now weigh 30.4 lbs!!!

Mom says I'm a mess of legs 

On long rides Mom sits next to me
where is she?

I sat in the backseat all by myself!!!

I miss my Mom 

Guess where we went????


and I got to go in!

 There were toys everywhere
I got to pick out a few

cuz you know I don't have any at home

I got tired of dragging Dad all over

we stopped on the way home
where did Dad go?

I think I know .....
Yup Puppy Custard
I love Ritters pup cups!!!!!

Sunday they put me in the van again
we going for a pup cup?

Something called a "park"

mom walks on the path 
in the warm weather
She wants me to get 
use to it so I can walk with her

My sister even came along

 I think I'm gonna like this place

I spent a lot of time this week
watching the squirrels

I get pretty tired watching
 them swinging tree to tree
so I just rest my chin on the sill

My sister
brought her cat 
over so we can be friends

1st Moo was in a crate
and I went up to it
She wasn't very friendly 
she was awfully rude
hissy screaming and scratching.....

So Mom put me in my kennel
and let Moo out
Curiosity got the better of her

I don't get what she is
and I don't think she get me

oh well....maybe next week

Monday I get a rabies shot
and on Wednesday
I start puppy manners school
I'm not sure I'm gonna like it
but Mom and Dad
are all happy....

Monday, January 24, 2011

16 weeks

I can't believe I'm
  4 months old today!

That means I have lived in my forever home for 
1/2 of my life already

I love to sit and look out the window 
at  birdies and squirrels

This is the bestest spot cuz
I can 
sleep next to the 
heat register and look outside

I'ves lost 4 teeth
2 on the bottom have come in
which looks very odd

I've started sleeping
 most of the night 6-8 hrs
When I get tired at 9pm
I walk into my kennel 
and lay down 

Mom thinks this picture
 is sort of sad

8 wks                                               16 wks

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Shoot Me...

Today Mom took 
Valentine's Photos
of me

I really didn't want to
so I tried the pitiful look

 Then Dad came home
and I had to do it

Come on Dad 
she's take a bizzillion already

These aren't even real
and they don't taste

I'm booooreedddd

Are we done yet????? 

and Mom's most favorite:

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Sunday, January 16, 2011

15 weeks

I love to play with
my people

hanging out on my Dad

my sister and I playing
I was showing how comfy it is
in my kennel


 Of course there was  
A LOT of snow playing

A Face a Mom could love....

When I'm not outside 
I like to play with
a few of my toys