Sunday, January 2, 2011

13 week

This week has been a challenge
thats what my Mom says
She thinks I have a hearing problem

its just I have my own ideas
of what I should be doing

I think the furniture is shrinking
I use to be able sit on this end table

9 weeks                                 13 weeks

I can't sit down any more
when I tried I barked at Momma
what happened?

8 wks                                          13 wks

I help Mom keep the laundry sorted
those white clothes can't 
get mixed in the the reds
cuz I protect them
besides nothing 
better than laundry
that smells like my peeps

Mom says I look more like a dog now
and she seems sad

I love ice

I didn't make until midnight tho

1 comment:

  1. Beautiful Isabella!! Happy New Year to you!! Aww but look how you've grown!!! Me and Charlie think you are doing a grand job helping out mum with her laundry! Enjoy your ice cubes! Take care