Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Well it has been one of those days......

Mom let me out
I was sitting on the porch
when she checked on me
but the mud looked like sooo much fun!

She laughed when she saw my face
and went in and got the camera

I really had fun in the mud
and splashing

I think my momma 
wasn't all that happy abt 

When we came in the house
 I did a side jump right on the bed
I don't think Mom
 wanted me to do that
 - I was pretty surprised
 I could do it too
Then she put me in the tub
which was ok until
 she washed my face

Mom told Dad that
 giving me a bath 
was like a Lucy episode
whatever that means
I tried getting out of the tub 
Mom put the hand held sprayer 
down and water went everywhere
mud a flyin' too

this is what it looked like
 after the clean up 
the water poured mud

Mom was
 head to toe


  1. Awww lovely Isabella!!! So long as you had a great time playing in the mud!! Yay for you!! Take care

  2. Yep..been there done that! Now it costs me $35.00 a month..but it's worth every single solitary red cent! :)

    YOU are a beautiful girl! :)