Tuesday, April 12, 2011

27 weeks

I had a pretty busy week

I got my second leptro shot


No we can go hiking and playing in the woods!!!
Mom weighed me and I'm no a svelte 53lbs
She also made arrangements for my "surgery"
whatever that is the first week of May.....

I helped my Dad do some plumbing

 They changed the kitchen around
and I helped..
I picked up Dads tools

and took them into the 
family room
so no one would get hurt....
yup thats my story...

Now I think I can do 
it so if Dad gets busy....

I also have done a lot of squirrel watching

I also like to chase them 
but Mom doesn't let me

I also help Mom exercise
but she doesn't have
 any photos of that
I nudge the back of her legs
when she is marching

This is me chllin

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