Monday, February 7, 2011

Week #18

I got schooled this week
I have to do this 40x a day!!!

My peeps have a treat
 in their fists 
and I can't bite at it
I have to wait
 til they give it to me

my peeps hold a treat in their hand
tap my snout
then take their hand to their nose

checking to make sure 
I'm not faking it

and I have to hold my eyes on theirs

When I sit they have a treat in their hand
and the tell me release
and I can get up to 
get the treat

Wednesday is my next class

I love going into the bathroom
My Mom doesn't know why
I use to like to play 
with the toliet paper until.....

hmmm what's this I'm a Labrador Retriever...
we live for water

Mom brought home a basketball....
I think she wants me to keep
busy to stay out of trouble
I think I like this basketball stuff

well my version is kinda like soccer

I love playing with my Dad

I've had a little problem this week.....

my Mom wasn't very happy
abt her antique radio cabinet...

I can't do it any more...

My Mom now gives me iced socks

it feels soooo gd on my back toofers


  1. You are quite the busy girl, Isabella, and it looks like you are growing up to be the best lab ever! I love that you are so patient when waiting for a treat! I wish our dog, Daisy, would follow your lead! You are a sweet girl...keep up the good work!

  2. Awwww sweet Isabella!! My goodness - what a clever girl you are - well done you for getting all schooled!!! Enjoy your many toys - the iced socks sounds like such fun!! Take care

  3. How cute are you? Even if you did chew the antique radio cabinet! Good thing you have such a great mom!
    Be sure to stop by my blog - I gave you a blog award!