Wednesday, May 4, 2011

We are family.....

My Mom 
found this picture of my brother

He is a cutie too!!!

See the similarities????


  1. Oh wow!! Well Maverick is very handsome and you Isabella are very beautiful! take care

  2. Hello! So many similarities as i look at your photos! I think they may share more than their good looks! Maverick loves to play in the water, dirt or mud and he loves to be outside.

    Maverick is a wopping 55 lbs at the 7 month mark. He is happy and healthy! If you send me your email or firend me on facebook I will share more photos of Maverick and his life!

    We love having Maverick as part of our family! Look forward to checking back with Isabella often to see how she grows!

    Lisa Loveless
    Maverick's Mom!